Resume Writing for an LPN

A well-written resume is important to have when looking for a job. A resume itself will not get you a job, but it opens the door and showcases your training or degrees, and work experience. The resume should be a concise, factual history of your work and education. Do not be creative with job titles, dates, or experiences. Doing so does not make a good impression. At the same time, do not be too modest. An employer needs to know the facts about your training and work history in order to determine if you are a good match for the LPN position.

No matter what type or format of resume you choose, the essential elements are the same. Employers need several ways to contact you such as by name and address, telephone numbers, email addresses, and alternative contacts if your situation is fluid. If you have work experience, give a short description of your job duties. List any accomplishment as well. If you can quantify the accomplishment (put numbers to it), the employer can more easily determine your qualifications. You must list your education and training with an emphasis on the LPN. List degrees along with their dates and colleges where they were earned. Do not forget to list any certification you acquired.

Organization of your resume is important. Using a standard format for resumes does help. It is important that there are headings, bulleted or indented sections, and a consistent style. Have a balance between print and white space. Paper should be white or a pale color such as beige or gray. Check and double check the resume for grammar and typos. It is not enough to just use the spell check and grammar application in your word processing program. Have someone review your resume. Check with your LPN program to see if it provides this service.

Once you have a basic resume you must adjust it for each position you are applying for. Different institutions emphasize different aspects of being an LPN. When reading the job description for the position, check your resume to see if it reflects the job description. If it does not, edit the resume to mirror the job description.

If an LPN resume seems a little daunting, there are many good professional resume writing services out there. For a fee, they will do the task for you.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013