National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses

The National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses or NFLP is a professional organization whose philosophy is to encourage high standards in nursing care as well as promote certification and education. The organizations motto is "The Spirit of Care...the Heart of Nursing." Presently, the vocation of LPN nursing is changing in the healthcare system. In recent years there has been a rapid expansion of requirements and duties in many areas.

NFLP promotes professionalism by providing a code of ethics that specifically addresses LPN issues. The code as written by the NFLP is as follows:

  1. Know the scope of maximum utilization of the LP/VN as specified by the Nursing Practice Act and function within this scope.
  2. Safeguard the confidential information acquired from any source about the patient.
  3. Provide health care to all patients regardless of race, creed, cultural background, disease, or lifestyle.
  4. Uphold the highest standards in personal appearance, language, dress, and demeanor.
  5. Stay informed about issues affecting the practice of nursing and delivery of health care and, where appropriate, participate in government and policy decisions.
  6. Accept the responsibility for safe nursing by keeping oneself mentally and physically fit and educationally prepared to practice.
  7. Accept responsibility for membership in NFLPN and participate in its efforts to maintain the established standards of nursing practice and employment policies which lead to quality patient care.

NFLP provides its membership with CEU courses, a transcript of said courses, and a quarterly magazine known as the Practical Nursing Journal. It also advocates legislatively for LPN issues at national, state, and local levels.

On the NFLP website, you can post your resume or look for a job. NFLP gives easy access and directions for obtaining certifications. It provides information on its annual convention. The website also provides information on legislative activities. Under its heading, Students and Educators, the site provides links to various nursing school programs across the country.

Whether you are thinking about an LPN career or are presently a nurse, this site provides a lot of helpful information and resources.

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Last Updated: 08/20/2013