National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service

The National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service or NAPNES is a professional nursing organization whose philosophy is to advocate for the practice, education, and regulation of nursing. It is the oldest nursing organization and was the entity that began the professionalization of nursing by lobbying the legislature for licensure and education requirements. Today, it is a multidisciplinary entity whose members range from LPNs to doctors.

NAPNES provides a vision to its membership that states it is "to be a catalyst for collaborative and innovative leadership in practical/vocational nursing education, practice, and research." It does this by creating strategic plans for membership looking three to five years ahead. The NAPNES strategic goals as listed on their web site are to:

  • Increase and engage membership
  • Develop current and new state-based membership
  • Provide on-line continuing education opportunities for practitioners and educators
  • Conduct research to develop innovative educational opportunities
  • Forge strategic alliances and partnerships
  • Advocate for public policy and nursing regulation
  • Collaborate to promote education, practice, and regulation partnerships
  • Promote professional and public recognition of practical nursing
  • Create innovative approaches to enhance life-long learning of LP/VNs and educators
  • Improve PN practice by developing additional certification
  • Create educational and practice partnerships focused on our core values
  • Promote a healthy work environment
  • Promote patient safety in all healthcare settings

The NAPNES website provides many resources for members. It has a section explaining and providing applications to various certifications. Their website has a board where a person can search for LPN jobs. It offers convenient online continuing education credits under the heading, Education. There are even LPN refresher courses. The site also has an online Journal of Nursing. Please take note that some of the features are reserved for members only. The site gives a future LPN plenty of avenues to explore and ways to contact different agencies.

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Last Updated: 08/20/2013