Approaching a Job Interview for an LPN

A job interview not only showcases your hard earned qualifications, but also exhibits your professionalism. Nursing is a profession that requires extensive work with people, so good manners are essential. Before the interview, you need to do some preparation.

Preparing for the Interview

It is most likely that you will be applying for a job at more than one place when looking for an LPN position. It would be best to do some research on the organizations. Employers sometimes check to see if you know anything about the company or institution. Also, after a little research one may find a particular organization is not a good match. Next, start practicing interviewing. Often the LPN program will have resources for that, but if not, practice with family and friends. Review your qualifications for the LPN job and note strengths and weaknesses. Your strengths you will want to point out to an employer. Your weaknesses you will want to put a positive spin on or be able to show that you took additional training to rectify them. It would be helpful to know the specific job descriptions of the positions. LPN is a broad field and different institutions emphasize different aspects.

Personal Appearance

Be well groomed. Your interview outfit should be appropriate for the institution or company where you hope to work. For LPN positions, be conservative. Suits are a good bet and recommended colors are black, brown, navy, or gray. Men should wear a tie. Womenís skirts need to be nearly to the knee when standing and heel height should be limited to no more than 2 inches. Closed toed shoes are best. Jewelry should complement your outfit, and should not be excessive. Long sleeves are preferable to short sleeves. Tank tops and sleeveless outfits are a no-no. Cover any tattoo. Keep cologne and perfume to a light scent.


Preparation helps to build your confidence. Accept the fact you are going to be a little nervous. Deep breathing helps to calm nerves. Just remember the LPN interview is a conversation between you and the employer to assess whether or not you meet each otherís needs. To bolster you confidence, keep in mind that with the current nursing shortage you are in the driver's seat when it comes to jobs.

Last Updated: 05/22/2014